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"I Create Joy - The Art of Emotional Transformation: How You Can Transform Painful Emotions into Joy with this Simple Eight Step Recipe!"  

Creating Joy is what we all really want in life.  

"One of the most famous self-improvement TV personalities stood up on stage, looked the audience in the eye, and flat out made sure we understood, 'If we want ultimate success in life, we must learn to manage our emotions'.

You know, that couldn't be any truer. Think about it.  Even if you have the greatest of careers, a deep meaningful relationship, or are richer than Fort Knox, if you don't learn to manage your emotions, you'll still come to the end and say, 'Is this all there is?' 

Christopher's book is what addresses this and I highly recommend it as a prime resource for learning how to give yourself a tune-up
from the neck-up and ensure your emotions are firing on all cylinders.
The exercises he provides, for you to constantly be emotionally-centered and in-control, are priceless."

- Barry Goss, Co-Founder


  You Will Use These Eight Steps Every Day! 

Get a Brief Review of the Steps of Emotional Transformation 

With the Art of Emotional Transformation, you will 

  • Handle challenging situations with grace and ease! 

  • Constantly improve the clarity of your core beliefs.

  • Enjoy emotional freedom to live the life you want.  

  • Learn why you are deserving of riches and abundance. 

  • Experience increased energy, vitality, and flow.   

  • Greatly improve your health by allowing, not resisting.

  • Create more joy in your life by quickly learning from emotions with these simple eight steps.

  • Learn a new skill that will improve every area of life.

  • Choose how you want to feel, and not allow your "emotional buttons" to control your emotional life!

Wouldn't it be amazing to control your own emotional life, rather than constantly react to other people and situations? 

Imagine a simple process that allows you to feel your painful emotions just long enough to learn from them, rather than remaining in pain for hours or even days.

Just think what it could mean for your life to find out the truth of what emotions really are, and how to use them to jumpstart your personal growth and development. 

Choose to create more joy in your life by learning the art of emotional transformation!   George Orwell said that the energy that actually shapes the world springs from emotions.

Again you've made the complex and confusing simple and usable! "The Art of Emotional Transformation" is AWESOME; a tool that can reach into the core of anyone, and change everything. Thanks for sharing your gifts of insight, Christopher!


Mike Dooley - author of Infinite Possibilities

You will Actually Learn how to identify your limiting beliefs by using your emotions as a guide.  Once you identify your ineffective beliefs consciously, you can replace them easily.

Did you know your income level is determined by your beliefs about what you are worth?  Nearly all fears and anxieties come back to beliefs about self-worth, and what you believe you deserve.

With the art of emotional transformation, you can identify and enhance self-worth, and raise your financial status.  Millionaire Harv Eker says that our income will only grow as much as we do.  

He is absolutely right, as I have had to learn in my own life.  Learning the eight steps of emotional transformation will help you grow emotionally and financially!

From:  Christopher Westra

Dear Friend,

You can benefit quickly from my years of experience in emotional learning and growth.  I've been studying emotions and personal growth principles for over twenty five years.  Now, you can receive this distilled, clarified version of the eight steps of emotional transformation!

If you want to be in control of your emotional and financial life, then you must have clarity and awareness regarding your core beliefs.   

The Art of Emotional Transformation might be the most valuable skill you'll ever have the chance to learn!

In his book Eyes of an Angel, Paul Elder says "The greatest opportunity that the physical world offers is the experience of human emotions."  Now you can learn why this is true, and how to get the most out of your life while here.


What do riches and other success matter if we are still miserable?  

We all really want happiness.  Underlying every goal or desire is an emotion.  We think this particular "thing" will get us the emotion we desire.

The art of emotional transformation teaches you to go straight for the emotion, and get what you really want in a simpler and more direct way!

The real secret is that your inner world determines your outer world, and not the other way around.  Discover how you can enjoy peace and calm even in challenging circumstances.

The Art of Emotional Transformation gives you the specific details you need in order to create joy in your life even when your external circumstances are not perfect.  


Christopher and Family

The Art of Emotional Transformation shows you exactly what to do when you have painful emotions.  Every person has the chance to use these eight steps several times each day!

Through his counseling and consulting work, Christopher Westra has helped thousands to identify and replace limiting beliefs.  By constantly replacing ineffective beliefs with empowering ones, you become a more whole and healthy person every day! 

Christopher has been studying visualization science, psychology, personal potential, and creative living for many years.  His greatest desire is to share with others the ideas that will give increased life to all.  

You can learn the Art of Emotional Transformation, just like you can learn any other skill.  With detailed instruction and practice, you will be an expert.  Can you imagine another skill so essential to your happiness?


The Purpose of Life

Either this is a universe with a purpose, or this is a universe without a purpose.  This book is for those who know the universe has a purpose.

One major purpose of life is to feel and explore our emotions.  However, you must feel your emotions in a conscious way, and learn from them.  

The Art of Emotional Transformation teaches you to feel your emotions in the right way, accepting them and not denying or resisting.

The more clarity we have with our emotions and beliefs, the better we are able to learn, solve problems, create abundance, build joyful relationships, and help others.

Here are just some of the specific benefits that the Art of Emotional Transformation will teach you.

In Step One (Accepting Responsibility)  You will Learn    

What specific words to say to yourself to help you truly accept responsibility for your emotions.    

Why blaming others is ingrained into us, and what we can do about it.

Several ways to make it easier for you to accept full responsibility and eliminate the "blame" programming.  

How to get past step one, even when you still feel some blame!  (Hint, the other steps can help).

That you also create your pleasurable emotions, and can rejoice in taking responsibility for this creation.

Free Bonus Book - The Science of Getting Rich.  This book truly changed my life by breaking through my limiting beliefs.

Yes, you get this book absolutely free with the purchase of I Create Joy - a downloadable version of this incredible success classic.

In Step Two (Naming Your Emotion)  You will Learn    

How most people actually limit their emotional capability by knowing only a few emotion words.    

How to access the bonus (provided) of 453 emotion words to increase your clarity and awareness.   

What emotional words not to use in step two of emotional transformation because they do not add clarity, but only hide your true emotions.

The two amazing benefits you will receive by being willing to name your emotion.

Why most people don't want to know what they are feeling, and how to push beyond this roadblock for ultimate joy and success.

How to work through your emotional reality and enjoy the wholeness and completeness of this earthly existence!

In Step Three (Letting Go of the Story)  You will Learn    

Exactly what it means to "let go of the story" and why we create (attract) the stories in the first place.

How I first found out about "Letting go of the story" in a conscious creating workshop with my friends Tom and Ambre from Hawaii. 

More about Dimensions in Healing, and how to use these dimensions.   

Five practical techniques I learned from the World's greatest hypnotist that help in letting go of the story so that you can proceed with the rest of the transformation recipe.

Why labeling the outer circumstances as "a story" automatically help us to let it go, releasing and surrendering rather than grasping and insisting!

How yielding is the source of true power and clarity.

Emotions transcend time and space, and constitute the essence of who you really are.  Your emotions are the most "real" thing about you and yet most people try to avoid them and resist them.  

I know - I've been there, and that is why I'm writing this book - so we can have a healthier generation who feel and flow with their emotions.  This book will help you teach your children how to live a more genuine emotional life.

If I, once called emotionally rigid, can learn from my emotions, then so can you! 

Christopher Westra

In Step Four (Blessing the Emotion) You will Learn   

What it means to "Bless Your Emotion" and literally not judge it as good or bad.  

Four ways to be truly grateful for an emotion that is painful. 

Why remembering particular past experiences can help you bless this emotion now.

How to open your heart to the growth you will receive from each emotion.

What to do when you don't feel sincere in "blessing the emotion".    

In Step Five (Feeling the Emotion)  You will Learn    

How to feel your emotions with your entire body, like a child.

Specific ways we are taught as children to shut down our emotions, and what you can do about it now!

Three ways to increase the awareness of your emotional being.

How to get so specifically "into the emotion" that you could describe it to someone who has never felt it!

Where I first learned about being a "witness" to my emotions, and how much this technique can help you.

Why being a "witness" helps to detach a step, and four ways to really notice your emotions as a witness.

Why feeling emotions isn't really painful - it's simply the resistance to feeling them that brings the pain!

The enormous health advantages to really feeling emotions.

How to raise children who connect with emotions better than you do.

In Step Six (Asking for Clarity)  You will Learn    

How to create an "open space" in your mind by asking the right questions.

Two visual images that will absolutely help you to create the proper attitude of openness that this step requires. 

Two specific ways to want to learn from your emotions in a spirit of humility and openness.  

Who you are actually asking when you ask for clarity in this way!


Another Free Bonus Book - Easy Stress Cure 30 Day Program.  This book has an outlined 30 day schedule that you can use to manifest more flow in your life.  

Easy Stress Cure is a fantastic bonus for the Art of Emotional Transformation because it gives you practical helps on how to eliminate anxiety and stress.  You get this book free also with the Art of Emotional Transformation. 

In Step Seven (Identifying the Belief) You will Learn   

How to use the "pop up window" visualization technique for identifying beliefs.

The exact questions that will help you to identify your ineffective beliefs.

How to use a mentor or hero to help you identify your beliefs.

Bonus - A list of the most common limiting beliefs held by people.

Six specific questions to ask when asking for clarity.

In Step Eight (Replacing the Belief)  You will Learn    

The importance of repetition in replacing beliefs, and what to expect in terms of change.

How to keep a record of replaced beliefs for clarity, motivation and learning.

The simple script you can use for replacing your limiting belief with the one you really want.

How to be confident and worth your new belief, and not sabotage it.

Bonus - A list of many of the beliefs I've replaced in my life (Yes, I'll open myself up to scrutiny - for your learning!)

Detailed ways of coming up with constructive, empowering beliefs to replace your ineffective ones.

How to replace multiple ineffective beliefs at once, and how many to process with any given situation.    

Christopher also does Emotional Transformation Consultations  

$100 for 1/2 hour
$180 for 1 hour

Below is a brief list of benefits you get from the world’s only Consultant in the Art of Emotional Transformation. 

You will receive one on one help on how to:

Fully accept that you create your emotions
Expand your repertoire of emotion names
Pick the right emotion name for maximum clarity and awareness
Recognize limitations from the emotions you choose
Identify limiting beliefs blocking what you want
Be properly grateful when blessing your emotions
Relax in body and mind to create the proper energy
Keep balanced in your emotional life, by accepting emotions
See your real desires underlying what you say you want
Use your Daily Emotional Transformation Sheet as a journaling tool
Know how to “get into” your emotion fully
Clear emotional blockages through double page scripting
Identify what you really want in life
See exactly what action items will move you forward
Go beyond emotional transformation into creating reality

I'll work with you where you are at right now.  Everyone has different goals, purposes, and desires.  Send your name and phone number to consult(at) and I'll call and arrange a time.  

Please note - To be the most effective, I only do consultations with those who have purchased the book, and worked through the worksheets on their own first.

Don't Miss Out on the Emotional Aspect of the Increased Consciousness Movement!  

  • Millions of people are learning to explore their emotions in a more healthy way, achieving more in life than they ever thought possible.

  • You have opportunities every day to process through troubling beliefs with the Art of Emotional Transformation.

  • Discover the benefits that others are experiencing

  • As more and more people join forces to shape their environment, we can begin to alter much more than our own lives.  We can change social reality, and contribute to the health and prosperity of the entire planet!  Decide to begin now.

  • If you want to learn how to consistently identify limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering ones, then you need the information in this book!

Why an Ebook?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are reading Ebooks and Here's Why

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  • I Create Joy - The Art of Emotional Transformation (including bonuses below) in PDF (Adobe) format.

  • You can get the Adobe Reader absolutely free (if you don't already have it). Just go to   

  • You can easily download all the books.  You will be taken directly to the download page after purchase, and given simple instructions.

  • If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your book.  My customers are my business!   

We are all seeking for the same things.  We all want to live happily and joyfully, and spend as little time as possible with the painful emotions of life. 

The Art of Emotional Transformation will teach you how to move quickly from the painful emotions into joy, by following the natural emotional laws.  

Using this skill every day will bring incredible results in your life! 

The belief replacement will give you increased confidence at a core belief level, improving all your beliefs about what you can accomplish in life.

Please Note: Do NOT buy any book on emotions unless it does the following:

One: Tells you exactly what emotions really are.

Two: Shows you how to transform painful emotions quickly.

Three: Teaches a step by step process that is easy for any one to follow.

Four: Explains why it is essential to truly feel your emotions and accept them, rather than just denying and thinking they will go away.

Five: Tells you how to use emotions to lead you to your core beliefs, even for those who are not skilled at identifying their beliefs.

Six: Gives you specific examples of each of the eight steps of emotional transformation.

Seven: Shows you exactly how to replace your ineffective core beliefs with beliefs that build confidence and get you what you want in life!

Eight: Identifies the common obstacles people have in emotional acceptance, and describes how to get past these roadblocks. 


Wanting a happy life is perfectly normal.  In fact, happiness is the object and design of our existence, if we pursue the path that leads to it.  You wouldn't be reading this unless you want more from life than you currently have.

You can have more joy, and learning the lessons from our emotions is a key way to do it.  The way to joy is sometimes through the pain, but you can choose the slow way through or the quick way through!

The Art of Emotional Transformation is one of the most important skills you can learn.  We have been given emotions by our Creator, and most people don't even know how to learn from them.

Your Success is Worth it!

Never underestimate the power of one small action outside your comfort zone. Act now and learn this skill.  I can't take credit for these eight steps.  They came to me from a higher source, yet have been a tremendous benefit in my life.

You get immediate and convenient access to:

I Create Joy - The Art of Emotional Transformation, along with some desirable bonuses, for acting now.

This book (with the following bonuses) will be priced at $49 but if you respond right away, you pay only the introductory price of $28.19

Order now and receive the following free bonuses.

I know that the eight step emotional transformation recipe has helped me grow through many difficult times in my life.  I want to include these bonuses to give you every possible reason to say YES to this offer today! Special Short Term Bonus below.

If you respond immediately, in addition to the book, you'll also receive the following:

FREE Gift BONUS #1- Easy Stress Cure :  (Value - $27) The next 50 Customers to order will also receive my book on the Easy Stress Cure 30 Day Program - This book is subtitled "How to Manifest Flow in Your Life and Cure Stress, Worry, and Anxiety".  A great companion to I Create Reality, Easy Stress Cure tells you how to stop resisting your life and go with the flow for greater success, peace, and happiness.  

FREE Gift BONUS #2- Report on The Power of EmotionsYou will also be given a report on emotions as powers of the mind, by Adrian Cooper.  Learn how to transmute negative, dense, low vibrations to their opposites - positive, fine, high vibrations!  Learn how to use emotions as a powerful energy to shape your individual reality.  Discover how to use emotions as your inner system of guidance as you progress along the path back to God.  

FREE Gift Bonus #3 - Emotional Transformation Consultation:  (Value - $50)  For a limited time, you will receive a personal 15 minute phone emotional transformation consultation with Christopher when you purchase the book.  Note - I don't know how long I will be able to keep up with these personal consultations, so act now!  Note - you must read the book first, and go through the worksheets, so our time will be productive.

FREE Gift BONUS #4 - Blessed Emotions, by Mike Dooley:   This bonus could be subtitled "Happiness is an Inside Job"!  Learn how thoughts become things in the emotional realm, and how everything we really want is ultimately joy.  Enjoy Mike's stories about our power of perception and belief and how he created the life of his dreams.  Learn about how to use emotions for a special kind of enlightenment.  Here is a poem by Mike.

Blessed are emotions
for though some make you weep,
you’re better to have known them
for the secrets that they keep.

FREE Gift BONUS #5 - Retriggered Reports - LifeCoaching Helps:  (Value - $12.50)  Retriggered is a collection of reports on achieving goals and reaching ultimate success.  Experienced Life Coach Thea Westra personally guides you through choosing priorities, determining what you really want in life, and bursting through personally imposed limitations.


FREE Gift BONUS #6 - Seven Part Affirmation Course:   (Value - $19)  When learning to replace your old ineffective beliefs with new constructive ones, affirmations can be very helpful.  This course by Jeff Staniforth provides you with the tools you need as a complement to the Art of Emotional Transformation.  Learn about how affirmations work with the energy of the universe, and how to use emotions to supercharge your affirmations to get the results you want!

FREE Gift BONUS #7 - Report on Expressing Emotions Through Sign Language:   This report contains stories about how to increase the emotional communication ability of your children through sign language.  Wendy Jensen is an interpreter for the Deaf and a college instructor of American Sign Language.  This report has details and stories about how to increase the emotional intelligence of your child using simple signs.

FREE Gift BONUS #8 - The Science of Getting Rich:   You have to read this book to experience the power of the message.  The Science of Getting Rich is about so much more than just getting rich, though it certainly tells you how to do that.  This book teaches you how to increase your faith, your gratitude, and how to manifest what you really want in any area of your life.  Wallace Wattles is a genius - and his words leap out of the book to change your life to the core.  Expand your emotional awareness by understanding the inner essence of life!

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Christopher Westra

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Wouldn't you like to have increased clarity and focus for goals and dreams, and a new ability to create the emotions you want in your life?  To make your life different, you must start to do things differently.  Start today by investing in yourself with the Art of Emotional Transformation.

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